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Absolutely Amazing
Mike and his team were absolutely amazing. He was very dedicated to my case and determined to achieve the best possible outcome which he did. I recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy and effective attorney.


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Absolute Life Saver!

My wife and I are the parents to 5 wonderful children. One fall evening I took the 3 boys to football practice. I coach the two older boys and the 2 year old wanted to tag along this evening. Through the hustle and bustle of unloading equipment and helping other children the 2 year old was left in the car. As soon as I got to the field I realized he was not with his older brothers, I rushed back to the car to find him COMPLETELY SAFE and UNHARMED. During the few minutes he was left in the car a women had called 911. Police arrived and arrested me for FELONY CHILD ENDANGERMENT. After posting my $100,000 bail I reached out to Michael Fell. He not only provided the Legal Support needed, but the Emotional Support my family and I needed at that time. After just the first meeting with Michael I knew everything was going to be fine. He got my Case Totally Dismissed and the Order Signed as if It had never happened. What a blessing Michael was for me and my family. Thank you!


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Above and beyond

I contacted Mr. Fell and realized before speaking to him, that I needed an attorney in the area of the violation. I told him this right away, not wanting to take up his time. He asked if I minded if he gave me a few strategies to think about even though he knew I had to use a different attorney. He proceeded to spend 15 minutes on the phone with me and gave the most useful information I have received thus far. If I ever need an attorney in the Orange County area, he will be our guy. He was so knowledgeable, and generous with his time. I am grateful.


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The Right Choice
Mike was referred to me by a friend. He defended me against some pretty tough charges. Whenever I spoke to Mike in person or by phone, I had his complete attention. He was very professional and never promised anything that he knew he couldn't deliver. He was honest about my scenario throughout the entire process. Ultimately my original guilty plea was set aside and my case was dismissed. I would confidently refer Mike in the future.


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Outstanding Attorney, the Best Choice
Words cannot express how grateful I am to Mike Fell and all he accomplished for me through his outstanding skills as a criminal defense attorney. Mr. Fell, due to his thorough understanding of criminal law and the Orange County criminal justice system, literally gave me a second chance at life, negotiated a much reduced sentence, kept me out of jail, and allowed me to continue with a productive life.
Having spent almost 19 years as an Orange County deputy district attorney, Mike Fell draws upon his extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the Orange County criminal prosecution process to help represent and defend his clients against what may otherwise appear to be extremely stressful and insurmountable legal obstacles.
Mike Fell is an excellent coach in preparing his clients to deal with the process of being charged with a serious criminal offense. I whole heartedly and highly recommend Mike Fell to anyone who is facing criminal charges.


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