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Highly recommended attorney in Orange County

I could not better express my opinion about Mike than by the words proficient and excellent. Mike was not only motivated and extremely communicative in all areas of our work, he was also able to make a personal connection with me that I personally never experienced with my previous lawyer. Mike made an investment not only in his time, but more so in my time and what I needed. I would recommend Mike to anybody in the Orange County/ LA County area.

- Michael, Criminal Defense client

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The best lawyer

Michael always kept me informed and was always there for me. He is also very trustworthy and quick with responses. Recommended lawyer!

- Samuel, Criminal Defense client

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Professional, Passionate and Kind Attorney

Michael is a professional, passionate and kind attorney. . . . Among the six lawyers that I consulted, he is the only one that I immediately feel comfortable to trust my case to him when discussing about the case, his plan and cost. And hiring him turned out to be the correct choice.

- Criminal Defense client

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I trust MY LIFE with this lawyer!

I never thought I’d ever have to hire an attorney, but I’m glad I found Michael Fell. He took the time to listen and talk me through my case and gave me options on what I can do. . . . He is very honest and straight forward with you. He also takes the time to return your emails and calls in a respectable time and manner. As for my case, he worked hard and made sure that I got the BEST deal with the DA!

- RDH, Criminal Defense client

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Amid the chaos one thing stood out as true, the value of an exceptional attorney.

His years of experience provided significant insights into my case. He is a professional in every sense of the word. You could not ask for a more dedicated person to help you through a troubling time. He is a gracious and personable individual that really cares about his clients. His positive presence meant a lot to me.

- Dianne, Criminal Defense client