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Best Attorney in Orange County (Arrested on Police sting for furnishing alcohol to a minor)
I am a business professional that was arrested in one of the buy beer for a minor in front of a seven eleven sting. It was one of the stupidest things Ive ever done. After being cited for the misdemeanor, I contacted Michael Fell and he quickly got back to me. He met me the next morning and walked me through exactly what to expect. I hired him because of his experience in the DA's office. He is very connected and knows the local prosecutors well. He more then exceeded my expectations getting the entire case dropped before charges were even filed! If you don't retain Micheal you're making a big mistake, he really is the best of the best in OC! I really hope this helps anyone going through a tough situation and a big decision similar to what I went through. As a person who never writes reviews I felt compelled to share because of how great of an experience I had!


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Wow, Cannot Recommend Him Enough
So I was facing an almost 100% probation violation in which I would be in jail for 12 months. I talked to a few lawyers and in their consults they basically told me I'm going to jail for the 12 months unless I hire them and we'll try to convince the judge of other options. So not satisfied I went searching for other lawyers and a buddy of mine recommended Mike Fell, but with a mere couple days left I was skeptical what he could really do for me. I then went on his website and left a message not really expecting any response till days later, but I got one back within HOURS!!! He then gave me GREAT advice with an option before the judge. Gave me advice of coming up with a game plan to convince my PO of not even violating him. I went along with that plan and he even gave me permission to use his name which gave it more credibility. With all his years of experience, my PO knew him. Now here I am with a second chance.

I couldn't really put into words how great, honest, and professional he was with me so I just gave a short version of what I went through. He wasn't like the other lawyers I talked too who just tried to convince me I NEEDED TO HIRE them like a car salesman. Mike helped me through the kindness of his heart and gave me hope. He didn't ask anything of me after I told him his plan worked but this is the LEAST I CAN DO for his great consult. He wasn't like the others saying that he can guarantee certain outcomes of anything.



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Highly Recommended!!
I could not have asked for a better lawyer! I had a challenging case that began with me unexpectedly behind bars (and for the first time ever involved in the legal system).
Mike Fell was not chosen at random--he was referred to my family for his specialty and another accredited member in the legal community.
He met me in the jail, explained how the process would work, presented information in a manner I could understand (as a person who had never been involved with the law on any level).
Mike Fell made no promises of outcome but DID promise that he would be fully available to me at this frightening time in my life, and he promised he would do the best he could with my case--and I believe that is exactly what I got.
If I were ever in ANY situation that required legal representation, I would not hesitate to hire Mike Fell again.
I cannot say enough positive things about Mike Fell. Professional, responsive, knowledgeable, honest, empathetic, reliable.


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An Attorney Who Excels..
At an impossibly difficult time in my life an unexpected domino of events led me to need legal representation. I would presume that if anyone is seeking legal counsel that they are already overwhelmed in their current situation, that being said I can not advise a better person and firm to represent you! His attention to detail, thorough follow-through and genuine care not only sought me through a nightmare of an ordeal but three years later when I needed to revisit the matter for official reasons he was responsive and a complete professional. He alleviated much stress and complication to a matter that could of taken away from my life more than it already had, I will be eternally grateful!!


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I got myself into a tough situation and I was a nervous wreck… He walked me through it step-by-step and made it all go away… Highly recommend this wonderful man !!


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