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I can't recommend Mike Fell enough. A few years ago I found myself needing his services and it was the best decision I could have made. Mike and his team were very easy to work with, empathetic, sincere and made me feel like a priority. I have known Mike for years outside of his practice, so these qualities came as no surprise, but were especially comforting in my time of need. He really is the best!


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Highly Recommend
We are new to the area and unexpectedly needed a lawyer for a juvenile issue, so we did a web search and found Michael Fell. We really lucked out because he is an incredible lawyer and a genuinely caring person. He met with us the very next day and starting from the initial consultation, his demeanor and legal knowledge helped relieve our worries. The case was resolved in our favor with minimal impact to our family. If I ever need legal representation again, I’m calling Michael Fell.


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A Great Advocate!
Michael was an incredible advocate as we navigated a very complex and painful family matter. He was kind, attentive, knowledgeable, and was genuinely invested in achieving the best outcome for all concerned parties. Indeed, we achieved our best possible result. I would highly recommend Michael and his team!


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A Lawyer Who Favors Treatment Versus Jail Time
Mike Fell is an attorney I routinely work with. As an expert in addiction, I am routinely consulted by Mike when he has a client who recognizes they are facing severe consequences of substance use and addiction, Mike is compassionate, caring and consistently educating himself about all aspects of treatment.

I have sat with Mike as he consulted with shared clients when he has stated "I urge you to get help as your attorney but as someone who cares about you, I have a personal investment that you be able to lead a good sober life." This may sound ordinary, but it isn't. There are so few attorneys who understand how being physically addicted to substances impacts a client's ability to attend court, make sound decisions and be able to weigh the impact of their actions.

Mike has specific expertise in working with young adults facing DUI and drug related cases and he ethically bridges the need for parent contact with his client's need for confidentiality.

I have had many clients who have worked with Mike, and both the parents and the the client have expressed gratitude with the efficiency and dignity in the way the case was handled.


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Weapons Charges/Probation Violation
I was referred to Mr. Fell through a close family friend. I was facing some severe charges and I had just fired my previous attorney (Michael Guisti).

During my free consultation with Mr. Fell, he was precise about what his approach would be. He made no promises but gave me hope through a very detailed game plan. My wife and I made the decision to hire him since we felt so comfortable and clicked with him right off the bat. All I can say is, this man is a STUD and worth every cent he charges.

If you need a criminal defense attorney, he’s your guy. All my charges were dropped and he’s even helping me further on a separate issue free of charge.

Mr. Fell is a huge blessing to my family and I can’t thank him enough.

Peter Krause