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Are You Facing Domestic Violence Charges? Learn What Your Potential Defense Options Could Be

It can be terrible to be charged with domestic violence. It only takes one accusation to ruin your life. We at Law Office of Michael L. Fell are aware of the predicament you're in. The best lines of defense are known to us. Call us right now for a free legal consultation if you require a domestic abuse attorney at (949) 585-9055. Continue reading to find more about possible defenses in the interim.


Naturally, your domestic violence lawyer will attempt to prove that you did not conduct the crime and were not at all engaged. We will look for your alibi or find another way to verify that you were present when the claimed crime occurred. We will search for any evidence that might be used against you and figure out how to disprove it.

Your partner is lying

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that people fabricate up stories of domestic abuse. As a result, charges may ultimately be withdrawn for lack of proof. Your domestic violence lawyer will look for ways to disprove the tale being told if your spouse is lying about the circumstances. For instance, to find flaws in the claim, we will examine the injuries they allegedly sustained, the crime report, and other details.

The incident was unintentional

It's possible that you were present when your spouse was hurt. Even if you were the one who actually caused the harm, you can still not be held guilty if you didn't do it on purpose. If it had been an accident, this might be the case. For instance, you shouldn't be found guilty if you were making repairs in the bathroom when your spouse entered and you dropped a wrench on their foot because you were startled by them.

We can refute that accusation even if they claim you did it on purpose. In the wrench/bathroom scenario mentioned above, for instance, we would look for ways to verify your story, such as by inspecting the bathroom, the area where the wrench fell, where they were, any blood stains or other evidence, and other details that could demonstrate that your story is the true one.

You were acting to protect yourself

Your domestic violence lawyer can make the case for you if your spouse struck or threatened you first and you were only acting in self-defense or to protect someone else. In California, it is legal for you to protect other people and yourself.

Every case is unique, thus at the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we approach each criminal case we accept as the special matter that it is. We'll determine the greatest strategy to defend you in your particular circumstance. Call (949) 585-9055 right away to schedule a free legal consultation.