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Can Childhood Bullying Increase the Chances of Perpetrating Domestic Violence as an Adult?

If your child has been accused of bullying, it is understandable that the only thing you have on your mind is getting them out of the current scrape. However, studies show that helping your child get over any bullying tendencies they have can be important to reduce their chance of committing domestic violence in the future.

A Kid Who Starts as the Victim of Bullying Too Often Becomes the Perpetrator

It is often the case that parents of a child accused of bullying are shocked. They may say something like, “But my child was the one being bullied!” The simple fact is this: Both facts could be true – your child could be both the victim and perpetrator of violence. According to one survey, a child who has been the victim of bullying is twice as likely to become a bully themselves.

Another study found that cyberbullying has made the issue even more serious. Why? Because teens who are bullied both in person and online are twice as likely to become a bully as a person who was bullied in just one way.

It is Up to You and the Courts to Break the Cycle

It is important for parents to understand this link so that they know they can take action to help break the cycle. The good news is that the juvenile justice system is set up to rehabilitate offenders – not punish them. This is in stark contrast to the adult system. The key to helping your child overcome bullying tendencies – and therefore reducing their chances of being a domestic abuser – is to act when they are young.

The courts may recommend or require some counseling that can be very helpful. They may require anger management or group therapy. It is possible that your criminal defense attorney can convince the courts to allow for an alternative sentence that involves these groups instead of an official conviction.

Let an Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney Help Your Child Get a Fair Shake

You do not want your child to go into a juvenile system that will consider them just another number. If your child is indeed bullying others, then it is time to take an honest look at the situation. The juvenile justice system does not have to work against you – it can provide the necessary counseling and help that your child needs.

However, the key is finding the right attorney who can help you. Do not simply plead guilty and trust that your child will get the care they need. Their sentence must be carefully negotiated to ensure it is in their best interest. That is where Law Office of Michael L. Fell comes in. Call us now at (949) 585-9055 to get started.