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A domestic violence arrest can be a distressing experience. Yet, partnering with an experienced Irvine CA domestic violence attorney can alleviate much of this fear. An adept attorney can guide you through the process and vehemently advocate for a favorable outcome. In this blog post, we will explore the stages to anticipate if you are apprehended for domestic violence. For a complimentary legal evaluation, you can reach out to Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055.

The Seriousness of Domestic Violence Cases

It might seem evident, but it's crucial to underscore: domestic violence allegations are grave. Law enforcement agencies handle every reported incident of couple violence with the utmost seriousness, subsequently submitting necessary reports to the relevant district attorneys or prosecutors. In general, criminal domestic battery or criminal assault cases are adjudicated in the California Superior Court of the region where the alleged incident transpired.

What Transpires During a Domestic Violence 911 Call

Most domestic violence accusations originate from a 911 call. The call is always documented. The caller knows they have contacted the police, but the accused, who is likely to be arrested, may be oblivious to the police's involvement. If the case progresses to trial, the jury will likely listen to the recorded 911 call. The California Superior Court Judge may also hear it when deciding whether to issue a protective order.

Upon receiving the call, the police usually dispatch to the given address. They also respond if the call gets disconnected or if the caller hangs up. Even if the parties involved attempt to cancel the call, the police are obligated to adhere to protocol and respond.

Probing Domestic Violence Allegations

Upon responding to an alleged domestic violence occurrence, the police are mandated to investigate. They will want to interview all parties involved, as well as any witnesses, individually. It is common for multiple officers to arrive and attempt to question parties in separate rooms. Once all interviews are conducted, the officers will deliberate among themselves on the information they have gathered.

If the presence of physical evidence such as blood or property damage is noted, the location may be declared a crime scene. It might necessitate the arrival of photographers, investigators, and supervisors to process the scene. Generally, the police will inquire if the alleged victim requires medical attention, and any injuries are likely to be photographed.

Despite the police's obligation to remain impartial and fair to all parties involved, individuals charged with domestic violence often face a skewed playing field. This scenario underscores the importance of consulting with an Irvine CA domestic violence attorney before delivering any statements to the police. For a complimentary legal consultation, you can contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055.