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DUIs and Student Loans: Learn What to Expect if You Are Convicted of a DUI while in College

Being arrested for any crime is terrifying but when you suspect that it may affect the rest of your life – including your ability to attend college – it can be even harder to deal with. At Law Office of Michael L. Fell we specialize in college crimes and we know that many people are afraid of losing their ability to continue attending if they are arrested for a DUI. Keep reading to get the truth and then contact us at (949) 585-9055 to request a free legal consultation.

If Your DUI Resulted in Drugs Being Found in Your Vehicle Then You Could Lose Your Loans

The only way that a DUI could prevent you from getting a federal student loan is if there were drugs found on you or you are in jail at the time of applying for loans. Even if you have already had loans granted, they will be pulled back if you are convicted of a crime involving drugs. You could then be ineligible to apply for federal aid for as long as two years.

DUI Convictions Can Affect Other Types of Funding

Keep in mind that we are discussing federal funding only. There are also state grants, state loan programs, scholarships, and private student loans that may be impacted by a DUI conviction. You must look into each of the options you have been offered to determine if your funding is at risk.

Incarcerated Individuals Are Not Eligible for Federal Student Loans

Keep in mind that when a person is in jail, they cannot use any federal student loan. That said, this is only applicable to any course they take while in jail. If they are going to be attending school after they are released, they can apply while in jail. The financial aid would be processed when they are released from jail and, assuming everything else is correct, will be ready when the inmate is released and goes to school.

You Could Face Discipline from Your School

Of course, legal consequences are just one of the ways in which a DUI can change your life. It can also result in a hearing and potential discipline from your school. Depending on the specifics, you could face suspension or even expulsion.

The good news is that you have help in both the legal and scholastic issues. At Law Office of Michael L. Fell we have years of experience with college crimes. We know how to represent you in court, we know how to help you with school hearings, and we know how to find creative sentencing options that can result in the best possible outcome. Call us now at (949) 585-9055 for a free consultation.