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Find Out How a High School Student Sending Graphic Texts to Their Boyfriend or Girlfriend Can End Up on the Sex Offender List

It is a different world than the one parents today grew up in. High school students and even middle schoolers have access to cell phones and can share very private information with their friends. When it comes to their boyfriends or girlfriends, teens can easily share lewd photos of themselves. While most parents would not be pleased to find that their child was doing so, the fact of the matter is that it can get much worse if they end up facing charges for sexting.

This is a Bigger Problem Than Many Parents Realize

According to estimates from the FBI, about one in six teens between the ages of 12 and 17 have taken part in sexting. When you consider that California has extremely strict laws on distributing sexual images of minors, it is easy to see how this can be a huge problem. No parent would argue against child pornography laws – except when their 14-year-old is being accused of distributing child pornography for sending a picture of their breasts to their 15-year-old boyfriend.

How Sexting Could Result in Your Child on the Sex Offender List

Your juvenile defense attorney must be highly experienced to defend your child against charges of sexting. If your child is found guilty they could not only face serious criminal consequences such as time in a juvenile prison facility but they could also be on the sex offender list for the rest of their lives. This could prevent them from getting a job, finding a place to live, or even attending college. You must prevent this at all costs – and the first step in doing that is to contact the right attorney.

The Key is to Keep the Case in Juvenile Court

In a perfect world, we can immediately have the charges dropped. If that is not a possibility then the key is to keep the case in juvenile court. In some cases, an older teen could be tried as an adult for sexting – which is when registering on the sex offender list would become required if they were convicted. However, the juvenile court system is set up to help juveniles move past their crimes – not to punish them – and your child is more likely to have a positive outcome.

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