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Find Out What to Expect from the Law After You Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney in Seal Beach CA

One of the scariest things about being charged with a domestic violence crime is not knowing what to expect. Most people who call a domestic violence attorney in Seal Beach CA are calling about their first offense. One of the jobs of Law Office of Michael L. Fell is to help you understand the process and know what to expect. Keep reading for a brief overview and call us at (949) 585-9055 for the details.

What to Expect at the Arraignment

Once you have been arrested for domestic violence, a detective form the domestic violence unit will be assigned to your case. They will investigate the case and make contact with those they believe are necessary to give them the full story. Once they are completed, they will make a recommendation to the prosecutor who will have the final say in whether or not charges are filed.

Once charges have been filed, the first time you appear in court is known as the arraignment. This is where the judge will tell you what charges you are facing and ask for your plea – either guilty or not guilty. Your domestic violence attorney in Seal Beach will get a copy of the police report along with the criminal complaint against you.

Expect a Restraining Order to Be Issued

In almost all domestic violence cases, the prosecutor is going to request a restraining order that prevents you from contacting the alleged victim. Even if the victim does not want one, the judge is likely to issue the protective order. It is essential that you follow this order – even if the alleged victim asks you to see them. You can be charged with violating a restraining order even if you were clearly invited to the victim’s home and welcomed inside.

What to Expect at the Pretrial

Once you have entered your plea, the judge sets a date for pretrial. You might have more than one during the course of your case. The purpose of this is to allow your domestic violence attorney in Seal Beach CA exchange discovery and to negotiate with the prosecution to end the case. If the prosecutor will not drop the charges or offer a reasonable plea deal, then the judge will set a date for the trial.

What to Expect at a Domestic Violence Trial

During the trial, the prosecutor will provide their evidence that you committed the crime you are accused of. Your domestic violence attorney in Seal Beach CA will present their case that pokes holes in the case of the prosecutor. Remember that even if the alleged victim is uncooperative and does not want charges pressed, it is up to the prosecution.

If you have been accused of domestic violence then we urge you to contact a domestic violence attorney in Seal Beach CA. You can reach Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for a free legal consultation.