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Five Ways a Criminal Defense Attorney Could Help with Your College Theft Case

Being suspected or charged with a crime is always scary, but this is often truer for crimes committed on college campuses. In addition to facing the possibility of jail time and financial penalties, students may also risk expulsion from their college.

Even while it can feel like things are going badly, there are actually a lot of good things that could come out of your case. For a free case review, call us at (949) 585-9055 after reading on to learn more about them.

  1. We could succeed in having the charges withdrawn
  2. Keep in mind that the prosecution has the burden of proof. Because they want a confession, they could start with accusations that they can't back up. Attorney Fell has extensive experience as a prosecutor, making him particularly qualified to assist refute the evidence against you in an effort to get the charges withdrawn before they proceed.

  3. At trial, we might argue for acquittal
  4. If required, we will represent you in court. We will thoroughly review the available evidence, consult with professional witnesses, and pursue a not guilty result for you vigorously. We can submit a Factual Innocence Motion to have the arrest record, together with any images and evidence, sealed and destroyed if you are found not guilty.

  5. We could attempt to enroll you in a petty theft diversion program
  6. We could try to enroll you in a petty theft diversion program if there is a ton of evidence against you but the theft was quite little. You can avoid jail time, fines, and a criminal record by doing this. It may also be useful to you in relation to the behavior code at your college.

  7. We might be able to have the charged reduced
  8. In such circumstances, we will haggle to obtain the best plea agreement. We could be able to get one or more charges dismissed, or we might be able to get a felony reduced to a misdemeanor, which entails much less time behind bars and fewer penalties. You can rely on Attorney Fell to fight for the finest plea agreement possible.

  9. We are able to represent you in school disciplinary proceedings
  10. Law Office of Michael L. Fell is available to assist with hearings related to your college's code of conduct in addition to your criminal case. We will be present to represent you in person at the hearing if your institution or university permits us entry. If they don't, we can help you prepare for the hearing, make sure you are aware of the supporting documentation, and offer guidance on how to get the best result.

You have choices, as you can see. Call Law Office of Michael L. Fell right now for a free case review at (949) 585-9055.