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Four Defense Options a Domestic Violence Attorney in Laguna Hills CA May Suggest for You a

It can feel hopeless to defend yourself against charges of domestic violence. The good news is that there is an experienced domestic violence attorney in Laguna Hills CA who is ready to stand up for your rights and ensure you are defended. That attorney is Law Office of Michael L. Fell. While your best defense option will depend on the specifics of your case, these are four defense options that are often the best option.

  1. It Was an Accident
  2. In order to be guilty of domestic violence, it is necessary for you to have had the intent to hurt or strike someone. If you were angry and were shaking a stick at someone, but you only hit them because you tripped an fell, then your domestic violence attorney in Laguna Hills CA can argue that though you were mad, the actual injury was an accident and therefor you are not guilty of the crime.

  3. The Injuries Were Not the Result of Your Actions
  4. It could be that you did strike out in anger but that you did not injury the person in question. This is still a crime but it is a less serious crime than if you had committed corporal injury on a spouse. If the marks or injuries were not the result of your actions then your domestic violence attorney in Laguna Hills CA will argue that on your behalf.

  5. You Were Defending Yourself or Someone Else
  6. It is not illegal to defend yourself. It is also not illegal to defends someone else. In some cases, if you are a man accused of domestic violence against a woman, it might seem impossible to convince a jury or judge that you were defending yourself against her. As an experienced domestic violence attorney in Laguna Hills CA, we can work to prove your case for you.

  7. The Accusations Against You Are False
  8. It might be that you did not commit any crime at all. The alleged victim could be making up the allegation you altogether. It could be that a small incident is being blown up into a much larger incident via the lies of the alleged victim. As your domestic violence attorney in Laguna Hills CA, we will fight to ensure that you get a fair day in court and that your rights are respected.

If you are innocent then we will fight to prove that. If you are being charged for something you did not do because you committed a much lesser crime, then we can argue for the charges to be reduced to that lesser crime. Contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for a free consultation to learn about your options today.