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Have You Been Charged with a Cybercrime in California? Talk to an Experienced Attorney

In this day and age there are many types of crimes a person can commit from the comfort of their own home. Some of these are known as cybercrimes. There are many potential crimes that may fall into this category, a variety of ways they can be punished, and many defense options. The one thing that is true of all of them is that they require the accused to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney if they want their best chance of success.

The various types of internet fraud in California

One category of crime in California is internet fraud. Generally speaking, fraud is the crime of deceiving someone with the intent of getting them to give you something of value. Fraud can be committed online, in person, or through the mail. Some of the most common internet fraud charges include:

  • Non-delivery of merchandise. If you sell something to someone online and they pay you online, then you are legally required to send them the item. If you do not, then you could be guilty of non-delivery of merchandise.
  • Real estate overpayment fraud. One example of this type of cybercrime is a person responding to an online ad for an apartment that’s up for rent. The alleged renter emails the landlord and says they live in a foreign country but are about to move to the city in question and want to rent the apartment. The landlord agrees to rent them the apartment, but the person who wants to rent it will send the landlord a cashier’s check that’s been drawn on a foreign bank for much more than the landlord request. The renter asks for the landlord to deposit the sent check and then send back the excess amount to another bank. The landlord does this, but when they cash the check it turns out that it was fake.
  • Prize scams. In this instance, a person sends another person an email or otherwise contacts them online to notify the victim that they’ve won a prize. However, the victim is required to pay taxes and fees. Once they do so, they do not get the prize they were promised.
  • Work at home scams. Many companies offer legitimate opportunities or a person to work from home. However, others may require a worker to pay a registration fee or pay for equipment they have not yet received. Once the payment is made, the company no longer exists.

Defense options for cybercrimes in California

If you have been accused of any of the above cybercrimes – or other types of fraud – then you need to fight for the best possible outcome. You can do that with Law Office of Michael L. Fell at your side. We will work to have the charges dropped altogether but if there is a wealth of evidence we may work to find a creative sentence that reduces your consequences as much as possible. Contact us at (949) 585-9055 for a free legal consultation.