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Have You Been Charged with Embezzlement? Learn the Most Common Defense Options You need a criminal defense lawyer if you are accused of a white-collar crime. You don't want to leave this problem to your own devices. You don't want to wait and see what happens in this case. After reading about some of the most popular embezzlement defense strategies that may be available to you, call Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 to schedule a free legal consultation.

The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the better your chances of success are

Before you are officially accused, you should speak with a criminal defense lawyer. They might be able to negotiate a settlement with the victim without the need for a court hearing. In the event that you have already been accused and arrested, we will review the evidence in the prosecution's possession and determine if there is any additional proof of your criminal intent. Then, one of the next strategies for defense might be employed.

There is insufficient evidence

We shall first check to determine if there is a dearth of proof. According to the records, two out of every five federal embezzlement cases are dismissed for lack of proof. Even though it might seem like there is a ton of evidence against you, we may be able to show the judge that it was improperly handled or illegally obtained. The accusations against you can be withdrawn if we are successful in getting the judge to rule that the evidence is inadmissible.

You didn't intend to commit a crime

The prosecution must demonstrate both that you engaged in the behavior they define as embezzlement and that you did so with the intent to commit a crime. For instance, if a person stole goods or money from a business but their manager was aware of the theft, they would not be charged with embezzlement. You are not guilty of embezzlement if you truly believed that the management had given their full approval for you to take the money or goods.

You were acting under duress

The defense of duress may be applicable if a person embezzled money because they thought they would be in danger or suffer injury if they did not do so. This defense may be effective, for instance, if the accused was concerned they might lose their job if they did not comply with their supervisor's urging that they take the disputed activities.

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