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Learn About the Different Charges You Could Face if You Are Caught Breaking and Entering

Have you ever been caught breaking into a house or a place of business? You may rely on Law Office of Michael L. Fell to assist you no matter what exact accusations may be brought as a consequence of this circumstance. For a free legal consultation, call (949) 585-9055 after reading on to discover more about the numerous breaking and entering charges you could face.

You might face burglary charges

You could be charged with burglary if you entered a room, car, or house with the intent to steal or commit any kind of criminal. Contrary to popular belief, a burglary charge does not always involve forced entry. While it is true that breaking and entering is frequently involved, this wobbler violation does not necessarily require a charge.

You can be accused of vandalism

Vandalism accusations are frequently brought since "breaking and entering" includes the word "breaking." This often occurs when someone entered a building by smashing a window, kicking down a door, or causing other property damage.

You can face trespassing charges

You can face trespassing charges if you didn't use force to gain access to or enter the property. Trespassing is defined by California law as intentionally invading someone else's property with the intent to infringe on their property rights.

You can be accused of stealing

Even if you didn't really break into a property, you could still face theft charges if you took something. Cash or things that are judged to be valued less than or equal to $950 are charged as petty theft. The charge for stealing money or items valued at more than $950 is grand theft.

The time is now to get an aggressive lawyer to represent you

You require an accomplished defense lawyer who can assist you in defending against the allegations. Working with Law Office of Michael L. Fell will provide you that. Attorney Fell has experience as a district court prosecutor in Orange County. He is aware of what the prosecution is seeking as a result. He is aware of the evidence to dispute and when to raise issues with the procedure for having the evidence admitted.

He is also aware of when a plea bargain should be considered. While he will exert every effort to get the charges dropped or, if necessary, to contest them in court, the truth is that there are some situations when the evidence may be too strong to obtain an acquittal. In that situation, he will vigorously negotiate on your behalf. Felons will be changed to misdemeanors by his efforts. He will endeavor to make sure your case has the best result possible.

For a free legal consultation, call right away

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