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Learn Defense Options to a Charge of Child Neglect from an Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney in Fullerton CA

Being charged with child neglect can be very challenging. Not only is it personally traumatizing, but it can ruin a person’s reputation. The good news is that there is a domestic violence attorney in Fullerton CA who is ready to help you. Keep reading to learn the facts and then contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055.

The First Step is Understanding What Child Neglect Actually Is

First and foremost, you must understand what it means to neglect a child according to California law. The law states that every parent is responsible for ensuring their child has food, shelter, medical care, and clothing. This applies to all parents, not just those who have custody or who have visitation. If you know that you have a child, you have the means to help them, and you choose not to, then you could be charged with child neglect.

There Are Several Options to Fight Charges of Child Neglect

Your domestic violence attorney in Fullerton CA will begin by understanding the specifics of your case. Once we do, we can determine the right way to defend you against the charges you are facing. Some options include:

  • Paternity test. If you are not 100% sure that the child is yours, then taking a paternity test might be all that’s required to have the charges dropped. If the child is not yours then you do not have legal responsibilities to them, in most cases.
  • You did not know your child was in need. If you do not have contact with your child, or have little contact with them, then you might not have even known they were in distress. If this is the case then you did not willfully neglect them.
  • You offered help but it was not accepted. It is unfortunate, but sometimes co-parents can make decisions based on their own feelings instead of what is best for the child. In these situations, they might have refused the offer of food, clothing, case, etc. that you offered and you would not be guilty of child neglect.
  • You were not able to care for your child. Perhaps you lacked the funds to care for your child in the way the court believes you should have. If you can prove that it was a lack of funds that led to your child going without food, shelter, or other necessities, then you might be able to use this as your defense. However, if you can work and choose not to, or you do work and spent your money on non-necessities instead of your child, then this defense is not going to be successful.

These are just some examples. Your domestic violence attorney in Fullerton CA will listen to your specific case to find the right way forward for you.

Now is the Time to Protect Your Rights

Do not wait to contact a domestic violence attorney in Fullerton CA. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to prove your case. Call Law Office of Michael L. Fell now at (949) 585-9055 to request a free legal consultation.