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Strange Causes for Crimes: Study Shows That Temperature and Pollution Can Increase Crime Rates

Three different universities across the United States have studied weather and pollution, and their impact on crime rates, to find the same thing: Heat and pollution seem to have a correlation to higher crime rates. Keep reading to learn more about this interesting subject. If you need a free legal consultation from an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055.

More About the Results

Researchers from Drexel University found that the months of the year with the warmest temperatures were also the months of the year with the highest crime rates. Further, they found that when the heat index was 98 degrees, violent crimes were nearly 10% higher than on a day when the heat index is just 57 degrees. A winter day in which temperatures made it to 70 degrees have 16% higher instances of violent crimes compared to a winter day with a temperature of 43 degrees.

Pollution’s Impact on Crime

Another study, this one from Colorado State University, found that there is a correlation between how polluted an area is and the violent crime level. The study found that there is a nearly 1% increase in crime rates when smoke and other pollutants drifted into a given area. This means that it is possible that the smog in Southern California could be impacting the amount of crime.

The same report showed that there are many benefits to reducing pollution – in fact, reducing daily pollution by 10% can save an area more than one million dollars each year. This means that paying more attention to pollution could potentially lower crime rates, save money, and result in a better overall community.

Can Pollution and Heat Be Used as Defense Options for Criminal Cases?

No. While studies may show a correlation between heat and crimes, or pollution and crimes, this does not mean that there is also causation. Think of it this way: It may be true that 90% of drug offenders have tried mashed potatoes but that does not mean that mashed potatoes caused them to use drugs.

Put simply: The fact that two statistics exist side to side does not necessarily mean they affect one another. At this point, it is merely an interesting factor to consider as crime-reduction techniques are put into practice.

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