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The Many Non-Physical Types of Domestic Violence You Can Be Arrested for in California Most people have an immediate picture in their minds when they think of domestic violence. They think of a violent crime that involves a physical assault and battery. The truth is that a person can be charged with domestic violence for charges that do not actually involve any type of physical violence at all. Keep reading to find out what those charges can result from and then contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 if you need help from an experienced attorney.

Examples of Non-Physical Domestic Violence

If you make criminal threats against certain people, this can be a form of domestic violence. Criminal threats including any credible threat you make to hurt or kill the victim. If you are guilty of aggravated trespass, which involves unlawfully entering the victim’s residence or work to carry out a threat you have made, then this is a form of domestic violence. Stalking, which can cover a large number of behaviors from harassing to threatening a person, can result in domestic violence charges. If you physically, psychologically, or financially abuse a person over the age of 65 who is under your care or a relative, this could be a domestic violence issue. If you damage a telephone or electrical line in an effort to prevent the victim from seeking help, this is also a domestic violence issue. Several crimes against children can be considered domestic violence, including child endangerment, which involves allowing a child to be harmed or placed in danger, and child neglect, which involves not providing basic necessities such as medical care, food, and a place to live.

A Domestic Violence Conviction Can Be Much More Serious Than You May Realize

If you are convicted of domestic violence – even a non-violent offense – you can count on future employers who do a background check to assume that it is a violent offense. You can count on people you know who find out about the conviction to assume that you have committed a violent crime. This could prevent you from getting a job, finding suitable housing, or having custody of your children – and this is all without even considering the potential legal consequences such as the potential for jail time, fines, community service, and other penalties.

Do Not Take This on Alone: Contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell Now

After all this bad news, you will be glad to discover that there is some good news too: We can help. You are not in this alone. While others may immediately judge a person who is simply accused of or charged with domestic violence, we are always on the side of our clients. We believe that you deserve the best possible legal defense and we are here to give it to you. Contact us now at (949) 585-9055 to get started.