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There Are 7 Potential Consequences for Violating Probation in California If you have been convicted of a crime and are currently serving probation in the state of California, and you find yourself in a position of potentially having violated that probation, we strongly recommend that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are seven general consequences you could face and your attorney will work tirelessly to ensure that the consequences you face are as minor as possible. Read on to learn more and then contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for your free legal case evaluation.

The 7 Potential Consequences for Violating Probation

There are a number of factors that will be considered to determine your consequences for a probation violation, and we will cover those factors below. For now, consider the seven potential consequences a judge may render:

  1. The requirement to serve a certain number of hours of community service.
  2. Added time to your probation period.
  3. Additional and / or stricter probationary terms.
  4. The requirement to seek testing and / or treatment for substance abuse.
  5. The requirement to attend classes and / or programs specific to the offense. For example, if the original offense was domestic violence, then anger management classes could be required.
  6. The requirement to attend counseling on a regular basis.
  7. A prison or jail sentence. This could be as fast as a day or two in jail or it could result in years of state prison time.

As you can see, some of these consequences are considerably less serious than others.

Factors That Will Be Taken into Consideration When Deciding Consequences

When the judge makes a decision about the consequences you will face for violating your probation, they will consider the seriousness of your initial crime and the seriousness of your violation. For example, if you were home 30 minutes after your assigned curfew, it is likely you would face a less severe punishment than you would if you left the state for a week. However, it is always within the judge’s rights to send you to prison.

How Important is it to Hire an Attorney for a Parole Violation?

It is true that many people who are accused of violating their parole do not hire an attorney. However, at Law Office of Michael L. Fell we are here to tell you that it is well worth the cost to do so. Remember that the judge who will be deciding what your consequences will be for violating your probation is going to be the same judge who determined your initial probation terms. They may believe that they already gave you fair, reasonable parole terms and may feel the need to punish you unfairly.

When you have an attorney on your side, you can assure that we will fight tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome. This may involve showing that you did not commit the violation you are accused of, or it may involve showing why you deserve a lenient punishment. Contact us at (949) 585-9055 now for your free legal consultation.

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