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Using a Fake ID Can Lead to Serious Criminal Consequences and Can Impact a Student’s Educational FutureMany college-aged young adults assume that something as innocent as using a fake ID doesn’t come with many potential consequences. Often these students have seen movies or TV shows where a person gets caught and their ID gets taken away, but nothing more serious happens. They may even have friends who have had no significant consequence when caught with a fake ID.

This is all misleading. The fact of the matter is that being caught with a fake ID can be a serious crime. It can affect the student personally and can affect their ability to continue going to college. If you have found yourself in this situation, contact an experienced college crimes attorney by reaching out to Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055.

Understanding What the Law Considers a Fake ID

First of all, let’s cover what a fake ID is, from a legal perspective. In California, the law says that a driver’s license or other government-issued ID that has been forged, duplicated, falsified, altered, counterfeited, or reproduced is a fake ID.

The law also states that it is a wobbler offense, which means the prosecutor can choose to charge the suspect with a misdemeanor or a felony. How it is charged is impacted by the facts of the case, any criminal history the suspect has, and how severe the offense was.

Potential Criminal Penalties for Fake ID Charges

If convicted of a misdemeanor count of fake ID crimes, a person can face up to one year in jail, probation, community service, and fines of as much as $1,000. If the person in question is charged with a felony, they could potentially spend three years in prison, formal probation, community service, and fines of up to $10,000.

Personal Penalties for Fake ID Charges

In addition to criminal charges, you can also face a one- to three-year driver’s license suspension. If you are a university student, you could be removed from university housing, lose your parking privileges, be refused the option to study abroad, be removed from any organization, club, or group you are part of, or be dismissed from your university entirely.

How to Fight Fake ID Charges

Whether you are facing criminal charges, a disciplinary board at your university, or both, a criminal defense attorney can help you find the best defense options. At Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we are standing by to provide a free legal consultation. During this consultation, we will ensure that your options are clear to you. If you choose to hire us to represent you, you can count on aggressive, comprehensive, and client-based defense. Call us now at (949) 585-9055 to begin.