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Ask a Domestic Violence Attorney in Lake Forest CA: What Are My Defense Options?

Facing domestic violence charges can be devastating. Even the accusation is enough to ruin your life. At Law Office of Michael L. Fell we understand the situation you are in. We know the best defense options. If you need a domestic violence attorney in Lake Forest CA, call us now at (949) 585-9055 for a free legal consultation. In the meantime, keep reading to learn about defense options.


Of course, if you did not commit the crime and were not at all involved, then your domestic violence attorney in Lake Forest CA will look to prove that. We will seek out your alibi or otherwise confirm where you were when the alleged crime took place. We will look for any incriminating evidence and determine how we can show that it is not in fact evidence of your guilt.

Your Spouse is Lying

It is an unfortunate truth that sometimes people make up lies about domestic violence. This can lead to charges that are hopefully dropped due to lack of evidence. If your spouse is lying about the situation, your domestic violence attorney in Lake Forest CA will look for ways to show that the story being told is false. For example, we will look at the injuries they supposedly experienced, the crime report, and other facts to poke holes in the story.

The Incident Was an Accident

You may have been there when your spouse was injured. You may have even caused the injury, but if you did not do so with the intent of causing an injury, you could still be found not guilty. This might be the case if it was an accident. For example, if you were doing some repairs in the bathroom, your spouse walked in, and being startled by them you dropped a wrench on their foot, you should not be convicted.

Even if they say you did it on purpose, we can fight that charge. For example, in the bathroom / wrench scenario described above, we would find ways to confirm your story, such as looking at the bathroom, where the wrench fell, where they were, any blood stains or other evidence, and other information that could show that your story is the accurate one.

You Were Acting in Self-Defense

If your spouse hit or threatened you first, and you were only defending yourself or someone else, then your domestic violence attorney in Lake Forest CA can argue self defense for you. In California, you are legally allowed to defend yourself and others.

Every case is different and that is why at Law Office of Michael L. Fell we treat every criminal case we take as the unique case it is. We will find the best way to defend you in your specific situation. Contact us now at (949) 585-9055 to request a free legal consultation.