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Money Laundering

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Money Laundering

As an aggressive money laundering defense attorney, Michael L. Fell can help you through even the toughest case.

Being accused of money laundering can be a very stressful and alarming experience. Naturally, you need to find a skilled and experienced defense attorney.

Fortunately for you…

….Michael L. Fell is More than Equal to the Challenge

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney where he prosecuted cases for over 18 years, Michael L. Fell is more than equal to the challenges presented by even the most complicated money laundering case.

He knows how to analyze the highly technical financial records that may be involved in the case to ensure the evidence really does meet all the requirements for a money laundering charge. He also has an eagle eye for any kind of illegally obtained evidence and you can rely on him to file the appropriate motions to prevent such evidence from being unfairly used against you.

If you are facing additional drug or fraud charges related to the alleged criminal activity that generated the “dirty” money, Michael L. Fell can help with this as well.

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