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Want to put your criminal past behind you? Expungements/Dismissals can help

If you want to get your criminal record expunged, your first step should be calling Michael L. Fell. As an experienced defense attorney, Michael L. Fell has guided many clients through the somewhat complex expungement process and he can help you too.

First, Attorney Fell will check to see if you are eligible for expungement. With a few exceptions, most misdemeanor convictions as well as certain felony convictions can be expunged, provided that:

  • You were not sentenced to state prison
  • You have completed your sentence and probation
  • You are not currently facing prosecution or serving probation for any other offense

Assuming you are eligible, Attorney Fell will prepare the necessary documents for you and file them with the appropriate court. When the day of your hearing arrives, he can appear in court for you to secure your expungement/dismissal.

Secure Expungements/Dismissals Faster with Help from Attorney Fell

One of the benefits of working with an experienced expungement/dismissal attorney like Michael L. Fell is that he understands how to expedite your expungement with additional helpful motions. For example, he can file for an early termination of probation to allow you to qualify for expungement/dismissal sooner, as well as (in some cases) file a petition to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor. This is advantageous because misdemeanors are always viewed more favorably than felonies—even when expunged/dismissed. These motions can all be filed at the same time as an expungement/dismissal request so that you get relief as quickly as possible.

Other Means of Cleaning up your Record

Depending on what types of black marks you want to remove from your record, you may need other services besides expungement. Michael L. Fell can help with:

Certificate of Rehabilitation: Though individuals who served time in state prison for felonies can’t use the expungement/dismissal process, they can seek certificates of rehabilitation. These certificates, which show that the court has ruled that you are rehabilitated, are very helpful in providing ex-felons with a fresh start in life.

851.8 Factual Innocence Motion: Also known as a motion to seal and destroy arrest records, this motion prevents police reports, booking photos, fingerprints, and other records related to a crime you did not actually commit from continuing to haunt you.

851.91 Sealing Records: When a person is arrested but never convicted, their arrest will still show on their criminal record. This option allows for the sealing of the arrest record so that a person who was never convicted of the crime does not have their life negative impacted by the alleged crime.

1203.4 Dismissal: Under California law, the procedure is to have the judge set aside your original plea of guilty or no contest. This plea will be replaced with a not guilty plea, and then the case will be dismissed.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like more information on means of cleaning up your criminal record, please contact The Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055.