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Accused of committing a crime using the internet? Turn to Attorney Fell for a strong cybercrime defense.

When most people hear the word “cybercrime” they automatically think of highly technical crimes like hacking and creating worms and viruses. The reality is, you don’t necessarily have to be a computer genius to be accused of cybercrime.

Fortunately for you, no matter what kind of cybercrime or internet crime you may be accused of, Michael L. Fell can help you build the strongest possible defense.

Common Types of Cybercrime

Fraud: Some common types of internet fraud include fraudulent sales, non-delivery of merchandise, advance fee fraud, work-at-home scams, and lottery scams.

Phishing: Using emails or web pages to steal personal information can be prosecuted under state or federal identity theft and/or credit card fraud laws.

Harassment: Stalking, criminal threats, harassing communications, and restraining order violations can all involve online communications. When they do, they fall under the umbrella of cybercrime.

Unauthorized Use or Access: Deliberately accessing, altering, copying, deleting, or using data from a computer or network can also give rise to cybercrime allegations.

Why Choose Attorney Fell

Attorney Fell’s 18 years of experience as a prosecutor has given him a detailed understanding of the laws regarding the above crimes, as well as the prosecution’s attitude towards them. After examining the evidence in your case, he will be able to tell right away if your case is ripe for a deal and give you an accurate idea of how lenient or aggressive prosecutors are likely to be.

Especially in the case of first-time offenders, Attorney Fell has an excellent track record of success in securing favorable resolutions for his clients. Often, he is able to resolve the matter very quickly and without a criminal conviction having to appear on the client’s record.

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