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Protect your reputation and your career with Michael L. Fell as your bribery defense attorney.

If you have been accused of offering or soliciting a bribe—much less actually making or accepting a bribe—you may be very worried. And you are right to be. This is a serious offense that is almost always charged as a felony and carries prison time and large fines. To make matters worse, even the allegation of involvement in bribery could ruin your career—especially if you are a public official.

Don’t Panic.

Michael L. Fell Can Help as Your Bribery Defense Attorney

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, Michael L. Fell understands every nuance of the law on bribery. He knows what evidence prosecutors need to prove you committed bribery, and he can make sure charges do not go forward based on insufficient evidence or illegally obtained evidence. Because he knows local prosecutors well, he is able to discuss these matters with them frankly and is often able to resolve cases early on in the process.

No Intent? No Bribery.

Often, the key to a bribery case is intent. The prosecution must prove that the alleged bribery transaction was conducted with a corrupt intent. If they can’t prove this—as they should not be able to do in the case of a simple misunderstanding or innocent gift—then there is no crime.

You can rely on Michael L. Fell to do everything in his power to disprove the allegation against you, placing specific emphasis on intent as appropriate.

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