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Accused of fraud? Get comprehensive assistance from experienced fraud defense attorney Michael L. Fell.

Any time you deliberately use deception to secure an unfair or unlawful gain for yourself—or to cause someone else to suffer a loss—you could be accused of fraud. Though it is true that the penalties for fraud vary depending on the amount of the alleged fraudulent gain or loss, this doesn’t mean that you can just coast through a low-level fraud case without representation.


Because all fraud charges are “crimes of moral turpitude.”

This means that in addition to criminal penalties such as prison time, fines, and restitution, fraud convictions can also carry dire consequences for your immigration status and/or your career. Non-citizens may be deported and not allowed to return and professionals such as doctors, nurses, and lawyers may face professional discipline, including possible loss of their licenses.

Protect Your Good Name with Help from Attorney Fell

Considering all that is at stake in a fraud case, you need an excellent defense attorney. Michael L. Fell is the perfect choice. He is extremely dedicated to his clients and you can rely on him to provide honest and accurate advice about your options and then work tirelessly to help you achieve a satisfactory outcome to your case.

Michael L. Fell’s many years of experience as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney gives him an edge over other fraud defense attorneys, especially when it comes to negotiating with prosecutors. Knowing exactly what aspects of their argument prosecutors are most likely to rely upon, Attorney Fell can increase the chances that the case will settle early and in a manner that is fair and advantageous to you.

Expert Representation for Any Fraud Charge

Whether you are accused of violating a specific California fraud law and/or are being charged under a theft, forgery, or perjury law, Michael L. Fell can provide the quality representation you need as a California Board Certified Criminal Law Expert. For example he handles:

Insurance Fraud: Cases involving fraud against an insurance provider can be quite complicated. Fortunately, you can rely on Michael L. Fell to cut through the confusion and mount the strongest possible defense whether you are charged with:

Financial Fraud: In a financial fraud case, there may be a mountain of records to sort through. Michael L. Fell and his team will go over everything with a fine-toothed comb to capture any shred of evidence that could be used in your defense. We can help with:

Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud: These types of fraud crimes have the potential to involve huge sums and huge penalties. Michael L. Fell is definitely up to the challenge of these high-stakes cases and he will gladly serve as your fraud defense attorney.

Prescription Fraud: Whether you are a patient accused of seeking prescriptions by fraud or a doctor being investigated for your reputation of giving prescriptions “no questions asked,” Michael L. Fell can help defend you against any fraud changes and drug charges that could arise.

Fraudulent Vehicle Registration: California has a specific law on the books just for this offense. Michael L. Fell knows the law as well as the best strategies for keeping a fraudulent vehicle registration conviction off your criminal record.

Professional Discipline Hearings

As if facing a criminal charge for fraud weren’t stressful enough, you may also have to deal with a professional disciplinary hearing at the same time. Fortunately, Attorney Fell has experience handling this unique area of the law and he can help. He understands the concerns of the professional license board and he can help allay them, advocating for you to receive fair discipline and hopefully preventing the loss of your license.

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