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Unemployment Insurance Fraud

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Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Have you been accused of unemployment insurance fraud? Get Michael L. Fell in your corner for an effective defense.

When times are tough, unemployment insurance benefits can provide much-needed relief.


If you are accused of unemployment insurance fraud, any sense of relief your benefits brought could be more than overwhelmed by the distress and hardship you now face. After all, in addition to facing jail time and fines, you may be expected to pay back all the benefits you’ve received.

The good news is…

You can rely on Michael L. Fell for a strong fraud defense.

Attorney Fell represents both individuals and employers accused of unemployment insurance fraud, working hard to resolve the matter in as fast and favorable a manner as possible and keep his clients from being dragged through a whole drawn-out courtroom proceeding.

Are You an Employee?

It’s actually not uncommon for employees to face totally false unemployment insurance fraud charges. When your case is accidental, not intentional, Attorney Fell will look to the evidence to help you prove that any errors you allegedly made in your application for benefits were purely accidental and not made with fraudulent intent. If this can be accomplished, you cannot be found guilty of fraud.

Are You an Employer?

There are two main ways employers can commit unemployment insurance fraud: either by deliberately lying about why an employee was terminated in order to avoid paying the benefit, or by withholding funds from employee pay but not passing these funds along to the state. Michael L. Fell can help you fight back against accusations related to either of these fraudulent activities.

Want to Make a Deal? Michael L. Fell is the Attorney for You

One very effective strategy in an unemployment insurance fraud case—especially when the evidence is against you—is to pursue a plea deal. If you are considering this course of action, Attorney Fell makes an excellent choice of attorney.

Michael L. Fell is actually known for his skill in “creative sentencing,” aka plea deals. He can help you take advantage of an arrangement such as restitution, which would call for you to pay restitution to the state of California in exchange for avoiding jail time, a reduction of the charge and/or penalty, and possibly dismissal of your case completely.

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