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Failure to Appear

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Failure to Appear

If you’ve missed a court appearance, it’s time to hire a defense attorney.

Have you been charged with or convicted of a criminal offense, but allowed out on your own recognizance or on bail? It’s easy to misunderstand what is required of you, especially if you did not retain your own defense attorney for the original criminal matter. You might very well end up missing a required court appearance, which could expose you to new charges for failure to appear.

Don’t Give Up

Michael L. Fell Can Help You Fight These Charges

At first glance, failure to appear may seem like a pretty cut and dried offense—either you showed up for your court appearance or you didn’t. In reality, there is often more to the story, and it is possible to successfully defend against this charge.

For example, Michael L. Fell may be able to show that:

  • Your failure to appear was not willful but was due to factors beyond your control
  • You lacked the specific intent to evade the process of the court that is a required element of the crime
  • If you were released on your own recognizance, some aspect of the release agreement was deficient

Even if it is not possible to use any of these defenses, Michael L. Fell may still be able to secure significant relief as your defense attorney. Thanks to his many years as a prosecutor—including time as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney—Michael L. Fell has open lines of communication with prosecutors and judges and may be able to secure a plea deal that will provide a reduced sentence for your failure to appear charge.

Don’t Forget Vehicle Code Failure to Appear

If you get a traffic ticket and miss your required traffic court appearance, you could face misdemeanor charges. Michael L. Fell can assist with this matter as well, hopefully preventing you from losing your driver’s license as a result of a failure to appear.

Call Now for the Best Chance of a Successful Outcome

If you have missed any kind of court appearance, you need to act quickly to minimize the damage. Calling the court to try to reschedule can definitely help, but you should not neglect to also call The Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055. We will get to work right away to help resolve the matter as quickly and advantageously as possible.