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Court Crimes

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Court Crimes

Court crime allegations can make facing criminal charges even more stressful. Fight back with help from Attorney Fell.

Getting brought into the criminal justice system is very stressful, to say the least. Whether you’re trying to avoid being convicted of a crime or trying to repay your debt to society and put a conviction behind you, you may very well make mistakes that could expose you to even more criminal charges and penalties.

Fortunately, Michael L. Fell can help.

As a California State Board Criminal Law Specialist, and former Orange County prosecutor, Michael L. Fell understands all the laws and court procedures that you will encounter in the course of your criminal case. He will make sure that you are not unfairly punished for any alleged court crimes, such as:

Contempt of Court: There are two main types of situations in which you could be punished for contempt of court: misbehavior in the courtroom (as a witness or defendant) and violating a court order. Michael L. Fell can create the strongest possible defense for either type of charge.

Restraining Order Violations: If you have been accused of violating a restraining order, you need specialized legal assistance. As a California State Board Criminal Law Specialist, Michael L. Fell knows exactly how to help.

Perjury: Deliberately providing false information in court or on certain official documents like DMV applications is a serious crime. If you are accused of perjury, you will definitely want a dedicated defense attorney on your side.

Failure to Appear: Missing a court appearance could subject you to criminal charges for failure to appear. Fortunately Michael L. Fell can defend you against this charge, working hard to prevent a simple mistake from resulting in a harsh penalty.

Probation Violations: Violating any of the terms of your probation could potentially land you in jail. Michael L. Fell can help by representing you at your probation hearing and helping to convince the judge that you should be allowed to remain free on the same or modified probation terms, rather than having your probation revoked. A revocation without reinstatement may result in permanent consequences to your life separate and apart from a violation.

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Former Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County defending clients at the Harbor Justice Court in Newport Beach, Ca.