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College Crimes and Title IX

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College Crimes and Title IX

Don’t let a few poor choices ruin your future. Find a passionate advocate for your rights in Michael L. Fell.

College is a time to prepare for your future. But if you are accused of a crime during your college years, you may find all your plans for the future are suddenly in jeopardy.

You could easily be suspended or expelled from school—especially if you are actually convicted of a crime. Even if you do eventually complete your degree, having a criminal conviction on your record could prevent you from earning certain professional licenses and serve as a general handicap for your job hunt in any field.

When Your Future is at Stake, You Need Michael L. Fell

Michael L. Fell understands the specific and unique concerns of college students who have become embroiled in the criminal justice system and/or their schools’ disciplinary systems. He can help you navigate both systems with calm confidence, working hard to protect your rights and interests at every turn.

Some of the types of college student crimes Attorney Fell commonly assists with include:

Expert Defense for Criminal Charges

As your college student crimes attorney, Michael L. Fell’s first concern is protecting you from the life-altering consequences of getting a criminal conviction on your record. Provided you call him in time, he will intervene early and aggressively with the goal of resolving the matter as quickly and beneficially as possible, so you can get back to focusing on your studies.

Depending on the facts of the matter, he may be able to disprove the charges against you based on insufficient evidence. Or, he may be able to secure a deal in which the prosecutor agrees to drop the charge or reduce it to an infraction.

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney who actually trained prosecutors for many years, Michael L. Fell knows what the other side needs to find you guilty. He has an excellent track record of success in securing very beneficial deals for college student clients—especially first-time offenders.

A Passionate Voice for School Administrative Hearings

When you commit a crime in college, especially if your alleged crime was committed on campus, school officials may very likely get involved. This may trigger administrative action.


You do not have to go through school discipline hearings alone.

Michael L. Fell will stand by your side, offering valuable legal and moral support ensuring that the college discipline hearing is conducted in a fair and impartial manner. With his help, you can exercise your right to challenge any evidence against you and present evidence in your defense. Attorney Fell’s negotiation skills can also be very helpful in cases where it is necessary to admit guilt in exchange for a more lenient disciplinary action.

Don’t Delay! Call Michael L. Fell Now and Start Protecting Your Future

When you are accused of a crime, the last thing you want to do is just wait and see what officials decide to do about it. Instead, be sure you call us at (949) 585-9055 right away, so that experienced college student crime attorney Michael L. Fell can get out ahead of the charges and give you the best possible chance of a favorable result.