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Don’t let one alleged DUI mistake ruin your future. Call Michael L. Fell for a strong DUI defense.

Being arrested for DUI is a very confusing and stressful experience for anyone. However, college students face an extra layer of problems as they may receive school discipline in addition to criminal charges and administrative penalties from the DMV.

Fortunately for you, Michael L. Fell is an experienced DUI defense attorney who can assist you in all three of these areas. All you have to do is call Attorney Fell and he will guide you through the entire process from start to finish, fighting aggressively for a favorable outcome in each forum.

Call Now to Stop Your Automatic DMV Suspension

The first way Attorney Fell will help you with your DUI problem is by helping you to request your DMV administrative hearing. This must be done within 10 days of your DUI arrest. At this hearing, Attorney Fell will be able to cross-examine the arresting officer and present evidence with the goal of convincing the DMV that an automatic license suspension is not merited.

Attorney Fell has ample experience with DMV hearings along with an excellent track record of helping his clients avoid the automatic 4-month license suspension that would otherwise follow a DUI arrest.

Get an Aggressive Defense for DUI Charges

Regardless of the outcome of your DMV hearing, the District Attorney will no doubt be preparing to file DUI charges against you. Attorney Fell can help you defend yourself against even the most aggressive DUI prosecution.

Even if you tested above the legal limit for blood alcohol during your DUI arrest, or you failed various field tests designed to determine drug impairment, Attorney Fell can still help. Depending on the evidence in your case, he may be able to argue that these tests were done incorrectly, that your alleged impairment was actually due to fatigue or a medical condition, or that you were stopped, tested & questioned illegally by police.

This could result in the entire DUI charge being dropped, or at the very least encourage the prosecution to offer a plea deal. One common deal that Attorney Fell can try to arrange is to have your DUI reduced to a “wet reckless” charge. This is a less serious offense than a DUI and does not carry the same penalties or prejudice.

Prepare for Your School Administrative Hearing

One final way that Michael L. Fell can help with college student DUI incidents is by serving as your advocate for school discipline hearings. He can help you gather evidence for your defense and advise you on how to conduct yourself during the hearing. Often, with Attorney Fell’s help students are able to secure fair discipline and avoid being expelled or suspended following an error of judgment like a DUI.

Call Now to Start Building Your DUI Defense

Whether you have been accused of a regular DUI, DUI of drugs, or an underage DUI, Attorney Fell will work tirelessly to help you secure the best possible outcome that will have a minimal impact on your future. Call (949) 585-9055 now to learn more about college student DUI representation.