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Drug Crimes

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Drug Crimes

Don’t let the “war on drugs” result in a war on your rights. Call Michael L. Fell for aggressive defense representation.

In some ways, California has made admirable progress towards ending draconian punishments for drug offenders. Prop 47, which took felony penalties off the table for many low-level offenses, is an excellent example of this.

However, some police and prosecutors still seem to have a very aggressive “war on drugs” mentality, especially when it comes to more serious drug crimes. Unfortunately, this often leads to violations of defendant’s rights.

Protect Yourself By Hiring Michael L. Fell as Your Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Thanks to his time as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney where he prosecuted cases for over 18 years, Michael L. Fell understands the correct way to investigate and prosecute drug crimes. When police and prosecutors deviate from this, he is quick to point out the error and ensure it does not result in an unfair conviction.

Some possible examples of illegal techniques that Michael L. Fell can expose include:

  • Stopping individuals without reasonable cause
  • Search warrant defects
  • Violating California search and seizure rules
  • Entrapping suspects
  • Unreliable informants
  • Failing to Mirandize suspects before questioning

Any evidence obtained by these techniques is not valid and should be suppressed. As your drug crimes defense attorney, Michael L. Fell will make the necessary motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence. Often, getting a vital piece of the prosecution’s evidence suppressed is enough to make their whole case come crashing down.

We Handle All Kinds of Drug Crimes

Whether you have been accused of a crime related to an illegal drug like meth, cocaine, or heroin, or to a legal drug that you lack a prescription for, The Law Office of Michael L. Fell can help. We handle all kinds of charges including:

Drug Possession: Just because you were allegedly caught with drugs does not necessarily mean you had “possession” in the legal sense. Attorney Fell can help you prove your innocence or work towards a lenient sentence such as drug diversion.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Even if you do not have any illegal drugs in your possession, having something like a needle or a meth pipe could still expose you to criminal charges. Michael L. Fell can often help clients get drug diversion programs for this offense.

DUI of Drugs: In a DUI of drugs case, everything hinges on the testimony of a Drug Recognition Expert. Attorney Fell knows exactly where to look for weaknesses in this testimony to cast reasonable doubt on whether you were really impaired, or appeared impaired for a perfectly innocent reason.

Drug Sales/Transportation: If it even looks like you intended to sell drugs found in your possession, you will face much more serious penalties. Fortunately Michael L. Fell will work tirelessly to ensure that your case is brought to the most favorable resolution possible.

Drug Manufacturing: The crime of drug manufacturing carries the harshest sentence of any California drug offense. With Michael L. Fell on your side, you can rest assured every possible avenue will be explored to save you from the full 7-year prison sentence.

Marijuana: Because the law treats marijuana differently than many other drugs, facing charges for marijuana use, possession, cultivation, or distribution can be a very confusing prospect. Fortunately you can rely on Michael L. Fell to explain the charges as well as your options for resolving the case quickly and advantageously.

Medical Marijuana: Even if you have a valid prescription for medical marijuana, you could still be charged with a crime in certain circumstances. Michael L. Fell can help you understand the law and your rights and make sure you are not unfairly punished for use of your medicine.

Prescription Fraud: When you allegedly obtain a prescription for a medication you don’t really need, or obtain multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors, you could face charges for fraud as well as possession. Fortunately Attorney Fell can assist with this type of drug crime as well.

Start Building Your Drug Crimes Defense Today

Remember, the sooner you hire Michael L. Fell the sooner he can begin working on your behalf. This could potentially result in an investigation getting dropped before charges are ever filed. Call us at (949) 585-9055 now to learn more about using Michael L. Fell as your drug crime defense attorney.

Former Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County defending clients at the Harbor Justice Court in Newport Beach, Ca.