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Drug Possession

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Drug Possession

Secure the best possible outcome to your drug possession case with help from Michael L. Fell.

Drug possession used to be an automatic felony in California. Now, thanks to Prop 47, most defendants are charged with a misdemeanor for this offense. While a misdemeanor is certainly preferable to a felony, any kind of drug conviction can still have a big negative impact on your life.


…you hire dedicated defense attorney Michael L. Fell for your drug possession case.

Attorney Fell will do everything in his power to resolve the matter in a way that does not leave a permanent blemish on your record.

Challenging the Evidence in a Drug Possession Case

As soon as you hire Michael L. Fell as your drug possession defense attorney, he will immediately begin reviewing the evidence in your case to see if the charge is merited. It may be possible to argue that:

  • You didn’t actually “possess” the drug due to lack of knowledge or control
  • You had a legal prescription for the drug
  • The police found the drugs by illegal search and seizure

If any of these arguments apply, Michael L. Fell may be able to get the case dropped before any charges are filed. As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney prosecuting cases for over 18 years, he understands how prosecutors think and he can leverage this knowledge to your benefit.

Seeking Drug Diversion

If the evidence against you is strong, but your offense was non-violent and you meet certain other requirements, you may qualify for a drug diversion program. These programs are extremely beneficial because they allow you to substitute a drug treatment program for jail time. Plus, if you complete the program, the drug possession charge will be dismissed and you will not ever see it on your criminal record.

Michael L. Fell is known for his expertise in “creative sentencing” and you can rely on him to argue aggressively and persuasively for you to be included in a drug diversion program if you meet the requirements.

Start Building Your Defense Now

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