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Orange County Prostitution Lawyer

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If you have been charged or accused of soliciting a prostitute, you may be concerned with what to do next, and rightfully so. This charge or accusation can lead to hefty fines and even jail time, not to mention it destroying your personal or professional life. Reputation is imperative to a successful life and a prostitute solicitation charge can really do some damage.

Although the solicitation of a prostitute is typically pursued as a misdemeanor, don’t let that fool you on the severity of the case. If found guilty, this could lead to being fined $1000 or being sentenced to 6 months in county jail—sometimes even both.

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, Michael L. Fell knows the inner workings of the court system. He can help prove the accusations false by being your expert Defense Attorney specializing in the solicitation of prostitution. With the enactment of new laws, there is now hope to actually get your case dismissed!

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Possible Defenses to a “Solicitation of Prostitution” Charge in Orange County, CA

 It depends entirely on the case to how Attorney Fell would determine the best course of action to defend this charge. However, it typically falls under 2 strategies:

  • Lack of evidence: Expert prostitution attorney Michael L. Fell may be able to show that the court lacks evidence to convict the accused. Showing that the court’s evidence is either insufficient or insubstantial could result in a verdict of not guilty.
  • Entrapment: You could have been the victim of a police “sting” operation by being coerced or encouraged to commit the crime when you didn’t want to. If your case falls under this description, Attorney Fell may pursue an entrapment defense.

Soliciting A Prostitute Online in Orange County, CA

Prostitution is no longer confined to seeking a “woman of the night” on a street corner. It can now extend to online websites and apps. Seeking and paying for sex acts through online services can still result in Orange County’s court system charging you with the solicitation of a prostitute. Offering money for sexual acts online is no different than offering money on the street.

Cases of solicitation of a prostitute online can be extremely difficult to defend. Most cases have digital screenshots to support the alleged misconduct. This is why you need the skillful assistance of Orange County’s Prostitution Lawyer, Michael L. Fell. He has the experience and knowledge to not be intimidated by the difficulty. Depending on your case, you may have been a victim of lack of evidence or entrapment as stated above. Michael L. Fell will fight tooth and nail for both you and your innocence.

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