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Professional Crimes

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Professional Crimes

Protect yourself from criminal penalties as well as professional discipline by hiring Michael L. Fell as your defense attorney.

Do you hold a state-issued license as a doctor, nurse, dentist, lawyer, pharmacist, or other professional? Have you been accused of a crime?

The bad news is…

…your professional license—and your livelihood—could be at stake. If you are convicted of a crime that the professional license board believes is “substantially related” to your qualifications or duties, you will be subject to board discipline. This could result in the suspension or revocation of your professional license.

The good news is…

…defense attorney Michael L. Fell can provide the comprehensive assistance you need to resolve the matter as quickly and favorably as possible.

What Crimes Can Trigger Board Discipline?

At first, you might assume that professional discipline only comes into play when individuals are accused of breaking the law in the course of their work. For example, a nurse accused of abusing a patient or a pharmacist accused of prescription fraud would be obvious cases for discipline—and they could be brought before the disciplinary board for “unprofessional conduct” even without criminal charges being filed.

It is important to remember that board discipline proceedings can also be triggered by crimes that are committed outside of work. Some common examples include DUI, domestic violence against a spouse, child abuse, criminal threats, felony hit and run, fraud, and perjury. Some of these crimes (and many others) are considered “crimes of moral turpitude” involving dishonesty or intentional harm to others. In a professional license board’s eyes, a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude shows that the defendant is unfit to uphold the ethical standards of their chosen profession.

How Can I Avoid Discipline?

If your criminal case is still pending, obviously the best way to avoid discipline would be to avoid a criminal filing and/or conviction. However, if you have already been convicted and the conviction cannot be appealed, the next best thing to do is request a license board hearing.

The hearing provides an independent and impartial forum in which to argue that your conviction is not actually “substantially related” to your work, or that you have been rehabilitated since the conviction to the point where you are actually fit to hold your license.

Special Services for Licensed Professionals

Michael L. Fell has ample experience assisting doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, pharmacists, and other professionals with criminal matters that affect their licenses and their careers. You can rely on him to work tirelessly to help you achieve the best possible result in your case—both on the criminal side and the administrative side.

Some of the core services Attorney Fell provides for professionals include:

Professional Discipline Hearings: If you are facing professional discipline, Attorney Fell can help you request an administrative hearing that will allow you to examine the board’s evidence against you and present your side of the story. Attorney Fell can represent you during this hearing and work towards fair discipline.

Practicing without a License: Whether you have had your professional license suspended or revoked, or never held a license in the first place, Attorney Fell can defend you against criminal charges for practicing law, medicine, or nursing without a license.

Capping Charges: Accusations of “capping” or paying for client referrals can be prosecuted as fraud as well as subject professionals to serious disciplinary action. Don’t just let an unfair conviction ruin your career. Instead retain Michael L. Fell for the strongest possible defense.

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