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Practicing Nursing without a license

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Practicing Nursing without a license

Michael L. Fell offers support to individuals accused of practicing nursing without a license.

Because nurses play an important role in providing medical care and education to the public, they must be licensed. Unfortunately, the high demand for nursing services sometimes results in individuals working as nurses without the proper qualifications.

You could be accused of practicing nursing without a license if…

  • You never had a license
  • Your license expired
  • Your license was suspended or revoked due to professional discipline

Practicing nursing without a license is punished under the same criminal statute that governs unauthorized practice of medicine, and serious penalties may apply.

Now you may wonder…

…is there any possible way to defend against criminal charges for nursing without a license?

Yes, depending on the circumstances of your case you may actually have several options for your defense. For example, perhaps there is insufficient evidence to prove that your actions actually qualified as “nursing” activities that would require a license.

In any case, you definitely need to hire a defense attorney to help you.

Michael L. Fell makes an excellent choice of defense attorney because he understands both the criminal justice system and the Nursing Board procedures that affect your license status. You can rely on Attorney Fell to create the strongest possible defense argument for your case.

If it is not possible for him to disprove the allegations against you entirely, he will focus on securing the best possible plea deal for you. Ideally, this will result in probation instead of jail time, and also leave open the possibility of reinstating your nursing license after your probation is complete.

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