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Juvenile Crime Attorney

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Juvenile Crime Attorney

When your child’s future hangs in the balance, you need an expert juvenile crime attorney.

If your child is facing charges for a juvenile offense, you are right to be worried. Being incarcerated in juvenile hall or a youth authority facility would likely be a devastating outcome for your child, as this harsh punishment is more likely to result in more damage and more acting out than in rehabilitation.

Here’s the good news:

Michael L. Fell was a Supervising Prosecutor at Orange County’s Juvenile Court when he was an Orange County  Senior Deputy District Attorney.

He knows how to negotiate and argue your child’s case with his former office and the Juvenile Court Judges.

Incarceration is Not a Given

Expert juvenile crime attorney Michael L. Fell can use his extensive experience in “creative sentencing” to help resolve your child’s case without subjecting him or her to the traumatic experience of incarceration. For example, Attorney Fell may be able to get the charges dropped, or secure an alternative sentence such as community service, counseling, probation, or diversion.

We Handle All Kinds of Juvenile Crimes

At the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we have the skills and experience needed to help get your child out of whatever hot water they may have gotten themselves into, providing assistance with:

Assault: Many parents don’t worry too much when their kids fight. But they should—it’s actually very easy to press charges for simple assault in California if one child even attempts to physically harm another. Fortunately you can get an expert defense for your child by retaining our law firm.

Battery: When fights get physical, battery charges could easily result—even if no one was really hurt. At the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we can help prevent your child from being harshly punished for a fight that may not have even been their fault.

Bullying: If your child is accused of being a bully, discipline at school may not be the end of the matter. Their conduct could result in criminal charges for harassment or cyberbullying. Fortunately, Michael L. Fell can serve as your child’s advocate in the school discipline process and in the juvenile court system.

Drug Crimes: Police and prosecutors pursue drug crimes very aggressively. It is therefore important to hire an experienced juvenile crimes attorney like Michael L. Fell right away to help protect your child’s rights, even if their drug offense seems minor.

Threats: Kids can be dramatic. They need to let off steam, and sometimes this results in a situation where they can be accused of a threat. Attorney Fell understands the nuances of cases involving juvenile threats and he will work hard to get your child’s case resolved quickly and beneficially.

Sexting: It may seem bizarre that a minor can be accused of distributing child pornography for “sexting” pictures of themselves, but nonetheless this is the law. Help prevent your child from being harshly punished for sexting by retaining Michael L. Fell as your juvenile crimes attorney.

Underage DUI: Depending on how much alcohol was in your child’s system when they got arrested, they may face civil or criminal penalties, either of which could have a big impact on their future. Either way, Michael L. Fell can help. Remember, California is a “zero tolerance” state. A juvenile (or anyone under 21) who has consumed alcohol and drives may face harsh DMV penalties.

Vandalism: Tagging a building, smashing windows, or even egging a car can result in vandalism charges. Depending on the nature of the evidence, Attorney Fell will work hard to either disprove the charges or at least secure a lenient and appropriate penalty. A “conviction” for vandalism will result in your child’s loss or delay of driver’s license privileges for a year.

Seal Juvenile Records: No one should have to live their whole life haunted by mistakes they made as a juvenile. By sealing the juvenile record, we can prevent juvenile crimes and arrests from showing up on your child’s record so that they can have a clean slate for their adult life.

School Administrative Hearings: If your child gets suspended or expelled from school due to their behavior, this will only make it harder for them to get back on the right path. We can provide advice and support that will help ensure the administrative hearing remains impartial and fair to your child.

High School Student Crime: As high schoolers near the age of 18, there is more and more potential for them to be treated as adults when they commit a crime, and any conviction could easily keep them from graduating. We can help your high school student stay in school and stay in the juvenile system.

Don’t Get Lost in the Legal System—Get Expert Guidance from a Juvenile Crime Attorney

The criminal justice system can be very confusing, especially when it comes to the juvenile system which has its own rules, procedures, and lingo. Fortunately, you can get expert guidance with Michael L. Fell as your juvenile crime attorney. Attorney Fell served as a Supervising Prosecutor of the Juvenile Court during his time as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney, and he knows the system inside and out. He will keep you informed every step of the way as he works tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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Former Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County defending clients at the Harbor Justice Court in Newport Beach, Ca.