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Even just trying to injure someone can get your child in trouble for assault. Fortunately Michael L. Fell can help.

Most of the time, roughhousing among kids is pretty innocent. But occasionally, one child will maliciously and willfully attempt to injure another. When this happens, the attempt can be punished under California’s laws against assault.

This means that if your child has been in a fight, they may very well end up in juvenile court even if they did not actually injure anyone. You will definitely want to retain a knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney like Michael L Fell if this happens.

Innocent or Not, Michael L Fell Can Help Secure a Positive Outcome

As an experienced attorney who understands the juvenile system inside and out, Michael L. Fell can serve as an important advocate for your child, ensuring that they are treated fairly and not exposed to unduly harsh punishments.

The very first thing Attorney Fell will do is examine the evidence in the case to make sure the charges are merited. For example, perhaps your child acted in self defense or was falsely accused. Or maybe the whole incident was a misunderstanding. In this case, Attorney Fell may be able to get the whole incident dropped.

If there is merit to the charges, Attorney Fell will focus on securing an outcome that will support the rehabilitation of your child, not traumatize them further—as a trip to juvenile hall might easily do. Michael L. Fell is actually an expert in “creative sentencing” and thanks to his decades of experience with judges and prosecutors he can often secure alternative sentencing such as community service, counseling, or probation in assault cases. Attorney Fell will definitely draw on insights gleaned during his tenure as a Supervising Prosecutor with the Orange County Juvenile Court as he pursues creative sentencing for your child.

Let Our Law Firm Be Your Guide

The juvenile system can be extremely confusing for kids and parents. You can trust the entire staff of the Law Firm of Michael L. Fell to help you through this troubling time. We can explain all the unique aspects of the juvenile system to you, help you understand the potential penalties your child is facing, and provide expert representation every step of the way until the matter is resolved.

Attorney Fell is always available to answer client questions and allay fears. Call us at (949) 585-9055 to learn more.