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Arson is a serious crime that merits a serious defense attorney like Michael L. Fell.

Southern California has enough trouble with fire from naturally started blazes that can sweep down from the mountains and engulf entire communities. Obviously, officials don’t want any man-made fires adding to the risks—especially in drought conditions. So it’s easy to see why alleged arson incidents are often prosecuted aggressively and punished harshly.

The good news is…

If you have been accused of arson, Michael L. Fell will defend you.

Arson charges can be intimidating. They often involve highly technical evidence that you may not even understand. Fortunately, as a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney who was actually the Arson Prosecutor at the DA’s Office, Michael L. Fell has the skills, experience, and knowledge required to handle your case with confidence and put your mind at ease about the outcome. He has written Arson Manuals for the DA’s Office and taught classes for arson investigators. He knows his stuff!

Possible Defenses to an Arson Charge

Depending on the evidence in the case, there are many possible defenses to an arson charge. Attorney Fell may be able to argue that the fire was an accident or that there is insufficient evidence to link you to the fire. This could result in the charges getting dropped.

When the evidence against you is strong, one very fruitful strategy to explore is a plea deal. For example, it might be possible to convince the prosecution that you had no malicious intent, but merely acted recklessly. When this is the case, the crime can be charged as a misdemeanor instead of a felony, which will not only result in a lighter sentence but also keep you out of state prison and leave open the possibility of expungement. Attorney Fell is well known for his expertise in securing “creative” deals for his clients.

Related Charges? No Problem

Often, individuals facing arson charges are also accused of other related crimes such as:

  • Burglary (for entry of a structure with intent to commit arson)
  • Trespassing
  • Insurance Fraud

Fortunately, as your arson defense attorney, Michael L. Fell will create a comprehensive defense that addresses every nuance of your case including any related charges.

Start Building your Defense Today

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