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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Accused of a domestic violence crime? Find an advocate in skilled domestic violence attorney Michael L. Fell.

Being accused of perpetrating a crime against anyone is distressing to say the least. But when the accuser is a member of your own family—or an intimate partner—the allegations can be devastating. Not only will you be suffering significant emotional distress, you may also be facing quite serious domestic violence charges and penalties.

It is absolutely critical to retain an experienced domestic violence defense attorney to help you cut through the emotional fog and find the best possible way to resolve your case. It is imperative to immediately contact our office upon getting arrested and/or released as many times, Attorney Fell is able to contact the DA reviewing the case and get the case dismissed prior to charges being filed.


…you’ve found the only domestic violence defense attorney you’ll ever need in Michael L. Fell.

Michael L. Fell is a talented and compassionate domestic violence attorney who truly cares about your future. He has ample experience handling cases related to all aspects of domestic violence law, including:

You can rely on Attorney Fell and his staff to work tirelessly to mount the strongest possible defense for you for any of these alleged crimes.

Same Sex Domestic Violence Cases Have Their Own Complications

While the law is designed to treat all domestic violence cases the same, regardless of the genders of those involved, this is unfortunately not always how the law actually works. A jury might make assumptions that affect the fairness of your trial. Judges might do the same thing.

The key is to have the right attorney. You need Law Office of Michael L. Fell, an attorney who knows the complications of these cases and will assure that they are addressed. Do not face these charges without an experienced attorney at your side.

We Help Aggressively Fight Your Case

California law is quite strict on domestic violence crimes. In fact, most District Attorney’s offices actually have special units dedicated to prosecuting domestic violence offenses. Prosecutors in these units sometimes continue to move cases forward even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges, or if the victim recants their allegations. Unfortunately, this can result in innocent individuals facing charges for actions they did not take at all or undertook in self-defense.

Considering you could face jail time on a domestic violence conviction—even if the offense is a first-time misdemeanor—you cannot afford to just sit back and let aggressive prosecutors determine your fate.

Instead, you need to be proactive.

Make hiring Michael L. Fell your first step towards taking control of your fate.

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney prosecuting cases for over 18 years, Michael L. Fell spent many years training and instructing prosecutors on the law. He knows how they think, and he can use this knowledge to effectively counter their arguments and argue convincingly for the most beneficial outcome possible in your case. If a conviction cannot be avoided, Attorney Fell will work to get the charge reduced and argue for “creative sentencing” measures that could keep you out of jail.

It’s Never Too Early to Call Us

You should NOT wait for charges to be filed to retain a domestic violence attorney. In fact, it is in your best interests to call us as soon as you realize you have been accused of a crime. That way, Attorney Fell can immediately get to work on your behalf. He may even be able to get the case against you dropped entirely and keep any charges off your permanent record.

To learn more about hiring a domestic violence defense attorney, please call us at (949) 585-9055 now.

Former Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County defending clients at the Harbor Justice Court in Newport Beach, Ca.