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Battery on a Spouse

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Battery on a Spouse

Touch a spouse in anger for even a second, and you could go to jail. Hire Michael L. Fell to defend you.

Battery on a spouse is one of the most common domestic violence crimes in California—and it’s easy to see why. Just about any type of contact between spouses or ex-spouses can qualify as domestic violence battery, so long as it is done in a disrespectful or angry manner. There is no need for any physical injury or pain to occur—the harmful or offensive touch is enough.

Even something as simple as pushing your spouse away during an argument could result in charges for battery on a spouse—if they decide to report you.

Now you might be wondering…

Do I really need a defense attorney for such a seemingly minor incident?

Absolutely. If the authorities have been called, you need to be proactive and consult with an experienced domestic violence defense attorney. Any kind of domestic violence conviction can have a significant impact on your reputation and your future.

Michael L. Fell makes an excellent choice of defense attorney for your battery on a spouse case. He understands the letter of the law as well as the mindset of the prosecutor and judge, having served as an Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney prosecuting cases for over 18 years.

Was It Self-Defense?

If you only touched your spouse or ex-spouse to defend yourself or your child, naturally you should not be punished. Attorney Fell will work hard to collect the necessary evidence required to prove you acted in self-defense.

First Time Offender? We Can Help You Stay Out of Jail

Individuals facing their first accusation of battery on a spouse often receive suspended sentences requiring probation rather than jail time. However, the court may need some convincing before this will be offered, so be sure to get Michael L. Fell on your side right away.


If you have questions about charges for battery on a spouse or any other domestic violence charge, please contact The Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 now.