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Underage DUI

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Underage DUI

Accused of underage drinking and driving? Michael L. Fell will work hard to help you keep your license and avoid criminal penalties.

Underage drinking is a widespread problem, especially for college and high school students. However, it is typically not a matter for the criminal justice system—until underage drinkers get behind the wheel.

At this point, the offense becomes a criminal offense and some of the harshest punishments in the nation can apply.

What’s at Stake with an Underage Drinking and Driving Charge

When anyone under age 21 is caught driving with even the slightest trace of alcohol in their system, the following penalties may apply:

  • Driver’s license suspension of at least 1 year
  • Monetary fines
  • Additional charges for a BAC over 0.05 and/or over 0.08
  • Additional felony charges for any injuries related to a DUI accident

How Michael L. Fell Can Help

In addition to being an experienced juvenile defense attorney, Michael L. Fell is also a talented DUI defense lawyer. This means he can provide expert assistance with both of the disciplinary processes that will arise out of an underage DUI:

First of all, he can help you request your DMV administrative hearing and challenge your automatic license suspension.

Secondly, he can examine all the evidence in the case to prepare the strongest possible defense for the criminal charge. If the DUI stop or BAC testing was not conducted properly or there are other legal problems with the case, the charge might actually get dropped. In any case, Michael L. Fell will work hard towards a judicious resolution of the criminal matter and protect against unduly harsh punishment.

Remember, You Don’t Have to Just Accept an Underage Drinking and Driving Charge

You can fight back with help from the Law Office of Michael L. Fell. But you need to act quickly—especially if you want to request a DMV hearing. Call us at (949) 585-9055 now to get started.