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Don’t let your child get lost in the system following a battery charge. Rely on Michael L. Fell for expert representation.

If your child has been sent home from school or brought home by the cops after a fight, you might think that the incident is over. In reality, your child may shortly be in a whole lot more trouble if someone decides to press charges for battery.

What is Battery?

Most people associate the term battery with a beating. But in reality, any kind of harmful or offensive contact can qualify as battery under California law. It does not necessarily have to cause injury or even leave a mark. Some examples of actions that can result in battery charges include:

  • Pushing, shoving, kicking, or punching
  • Biting or spitting
  • Hair pulling
  • Throwing rocks

If the other person was injured during the altercation, more serious charges may be filed.

How Can Juvenile Defense Attorney Michael L. Fell Help?

The goal of the juvenile court system is to reform and rehabilitate the Minor. Unfortunately, sometimes a juvenile proceeding can have the opposite effect. Incarceration at a juvenile hall, camp, or youth authority facility can be very stressful for a child, and they may actually pick up more bad habits and be more prone to fighting after this experience.

Michael L. Fell will do everything in his power to keep your child from being incarcerated. This includes presenting evidence showing that perhaps your child did not actually commit battery, trying to get the charge reduced or dropped, and/or pushing for a “deferred entry of judgement” that will help keep the incident off the child’s record (provided they complete their probation).

Call Now to Protect Your Child’s Rights

The sooner you call Michael L. Fell, the better. That way, our team can get to work gathering evidence and building a strong battery defense for your child. Call us at (949) 585-9055 to learn more.