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High School Student Crime

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High School Student Crime

When high school hijinks lead to criminal charges, rely on Michael L. Fell for expert representation.

High school can be a difficult time for many kids. They’re growing up, they know they’re going to leave the nest soon, and they may begin trying to exert their independence just a little bit early by experimenting with drugs and alcohol or getting into fights. Even the most well-behaved teenager may make a mistake, with potentially devastating consequences for their future.

The good news is…

High school parties, pranks, fights, and criminal offenses don’t have to ruin your child’s future.

California Board Certified Criminal Law Specilaist Michael L. Fell can help protect your high schooler’s rights and interests by:

Resolving the Criminal Case: As soon as you contact the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we will get to work on your child’s behalf, providing aggressive representation to ensure they are treated fairly by law enforcement and by the court system. We are equally experienced in the handling of juvenile offenses (for students under 18) and criminal offenses (for those 18 and older). Michael L. Fell is known for his ability to secure “creative sentencing” for high school students so that they can avoid incarceration and instead complete probation or a diversion program.

If your minor teenager is accused of a serious criminal offense that could cause them to be tried as an adult, we can also assist with the fitness hearing and fight for them to be kept in the juvenile system.

Helping with Administrative Hearings: Sometimes, school disciplinary committees dole out harsher punishments than the criminal justice system. For example, a student who is caught with a bit of marijuana may just have to pay a fine to satisfy the justice system, but if their school has a zero tolerance policy for drugs, they could get expelled.

Does this seem fair? We don’t think so.

You can rely on Attorney Fell and his team to help you prepare for your teen’s high school administrative hearing. We can make sure the school maintains the proper impartiality in the proceedings and present a strong argument for your child to be allowed to stay in school and eventually graduate with their diploma.

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