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School Administrative Hearings

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School Administrative Hearings

Your child has a right to an attorney for their school administrative hearing.

Is your child facing school discipline for fighting, drugs, vandalism, gang activity, or any other infraction? They may be at risk of being suspended or even expelled, which may make it harder for them to get their high school diploma and place a serious roadblock in their path to a productive future.

Many schools downplay the seriousness of the administrative hearing process, telling parents that they don’t need an attorney.

But the reality is…

…Without an attorney, your child’s rights may not be respected.

According to a 1975 US Supreme Court ruling in Goss v. Lopez, school disciplinary hearings are considered quasi-administrative legal proceedings and therefore students are entitled to due process rights. This includes the right to:

  • Receive fair notice of the hearing
  • Have an attorney present
  • Present witnesses and evidence
  • Have their case considered impartially and fairly

Unfortunately, many school administrative hearings do not measure up to these standards. Officials often have preconceived notions about “problem” kids and have difficulty making impartial decisions.

The good news is, you can help keep school officials impartial by retaining an experienced juvenile defense attorney such as Michael L. Fell to assist you. Attorney Fell understands the school administrative hearing process and he can serve as a powerful advocate for your child’s rights. He can accompany you to the hearing and/or prepare you and your child for the hearing.

We Help With Criminal Cases Too

If your child has been accused of a crime at school, they may be facing criminal charges as well as school disciplinary actions. You can rely on The Law Office of Michael L. Fell to provide swift and effective assistance in the juvenile court system. We will work aggressively towards resolving your child’s case in a way that is fair and keeps them out of juvenile hall.

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