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At the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we take bullying accusations seriously.

If your child has been accused of being a bully, you absolutely cannot afford to just shrug it off. Teachers and administrators are under tremendous pressure to be tough on bullying, and this could result in some serious—and potentially undeserved—consequences for your child.

It is very important to make sure your child has a knowledgeable advocate on their side to protect their rights. This is exactly what you get when you hire Michael L. Fell as your bullying defense attorney.

Attorney Fell can assist with all possible consequences of bullying accusations.

Defense Against Criminal Charges

While there is no specific “bullying” law on the books in California, certain bullying behaviors may be charged as harassment. Specific incidents could also give rise to charges for assault, battery, aggravated battery, or criminal threats.

If your child ends up in juvenile court on any of these charges, Attorney Fell can provide expert representation. Having served as a Supervising Prosecutor at Orange County’s Juvenile Court while he was with the DA’s office, Attorney Fell knows exactly how the juvenile system works and he will use this insider knowledge to your child’s advantage.

In addition to building a strong case for your child’s defense, Attorney Fell helps to make sure that the prosecution never forgets that the goal of juvenile justice is to reform, not punish. He will advocate aggressively for your child to complete probation, community service, counseling, or some other rehabilitative program and avoid having a juvenile crime on their record.

Advice for School Administrative Hearings

The California Education Code does contain some very specific policies on bullying, and you will most likely find that administrators are quick to move to punish bullying with suspension or even expulsion.

It is imperative to remember that your child has legal rights during any school administrative hearing. This includes the right to fair notice, the right to an attorney, the right to present evidence, and the right to an impartial hearing. Attorney Fell can help make sure these rights are respected by representing you at the hearing or preparing you for it.

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