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Practicing Law without a license

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Practicing Law without a license

Accused of unauthorized practice of law? Let Attorney Fell take over as your defense attorney.

You don’t necessarily have to appear in court on someone else’s behalf to be accused of practicing law without a license. In fact, most allegations come out of far less dramatic circumstances, in which the accused individual may honestly not even realize they have done anything wrong.

Some common examples of scenarios that qualify as “practicing law” include:

  • Advertising yourself or otherwise representing yourself as an attorney
  • Providing legal advice or counsel
  • Preparing legal documents or contracts that secure legal rights
  • Finishing work begun before your bar status lapsed
  • Creating software that prepares legal documents

If any of these activities are undertaken by an individual who is not an active member of the California State Bar, criminal charges could be filed under California’s law against unauthorized practice of law.

You Have a Right to Defend Yourself—but Please Consult With an Attorney

One interesting twist to being accused of practicing law without a license is that as the defendant in a criminal case, you are actually permitted to serve as your own attorney. However, this is hardly going to be in your best interest, unless you happen to be a criminal defense attorney yourself.

If you are a layperson with no legal experience, a real estate attorney, a personal injury attorney, or any other type of attorney, you will want an experienced criminal defense attorney like Michael L. Fell on your side.

Why Choose Attorney Fell

Attorney Fell makes an excellent choice of counsel for your unauthorized practice of law case because he is ethical, aggressive, and experienced. He will examine your case from every angle to discover the best strategy for your defense.

If you committed the crime for which you are charged, the best strategy is often to seek a plea deal, and Michael L. Fell is well-known for his expertise in this area. He has helped many clients secure favorable outcomes such as getting the charges against them dismissed or receiving probation in lieu of jail time, and he will work hard to help you too.

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