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Accused of hazing? Michael L. Fell can defend you against school discipline and criminal charges.

Plenty of college student organizations—including fraternities and sororities—have initiation traditions. Most of the time, these traditions are harmless fun designed to promote bonding and unity within the group. But occasionally, initiation traditions can cross the line into hazing.

Most schools have their own rules against hazing, which are actually stricter then California’s criminal laws on hazing. But whether you are accused of violating your college’s rules or the law, the consequences for your future could be very serious.

Fortunately, you can defend yourself with help from Michael L. Fell.

Help for School Administrative Hearings and/or Title IX Hearings

Because of the bad press that dangerous or humiliating hazing practices can create, schools are likely to be very aggressive in punishing individuals accused of hazing. Unfortunately, in some cases students may not be treated fairly by the disciplinary boards. They might get suspended or expelled from school without the chance to tell their side of the story and have it heard impartially.

With Michael L. Fell on your side, school administrators are more likely to hold themselves up to the proper ethical standards, hear your case impartially, and deliver fair and appropriate discipline. Attorney Fell will help you to choose the right strategy for your hearing—whether that be to protest your innocence or admit guilt and show evidence of remorse—and then work hard to help you collect compelling evidence to support your position.

Help for Criminal Charges

Hazing that is merely humiliating does not qualify as a crime under California law. But if the hazing is likely to cause serious bodily injury to anyone involved, you could face criminal charges. If anyone actually was injured or killed, you could face additional related charges for assault & battery or even manslaughter. And if underage drinking was involved, you might be accused of providing alcohol to a minor.

Fortunately, Michael L. Fell can tackle even the most complicated criminal charges. As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney prosecuting cases for over 18 years, he has a detailed understanding of the law—especially those elements prosecutors need to prove their cases. He is very effective and aggressive in attacking the evidence against his clients, and can often secure a dismissal of charges or a favorable plea deal that does not include jail time and will not derail your college career.

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