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Drug Possession or Sales

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Drug Possession or Sales

Accused of using or selling drugs? Protect your future with help from drug defense attorney Michael L. Fell.

For college students, even an accusation of drug possession or sales has the potential to derail all their dreams for the future.


Because many college campuses have very strict codes of conduct rules about drugs. Any allegations at all may be viewed with extreme prejudice, resulting in the student being suspended or expelled following a disciplinary hearing.

However, a criminal conviction for drug possession or sales may have an even bigger impact on a student’s future, especially if the student is planning a career in any field requiring a state-issued license. Even after completing any criminal sentence and finishing their schooling, the student may find that their drug conviction has made the state license board reluctant to give them a license and allow them to practice their chosen profession.

Don’t Just Watch Your Dreams Turn to Dust.

Fight for Your Future with Help from Michael L. Fell.

If you have been accused of any kind of drug crime, Michael L. Fell can protect your rights in the face of aggressive criminal prosecution and unfair treatment from school administrators. He will do everything in his power to keep you in school and prevent a criminal conviction from going on your permanent record.

Not Guilty? Attorney Fell Can Help You Prove It

As a former Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney prosecuting cases for over 18 years, Attorney Fell knows exactly how prosecutors build drug cases and how to undermine their efforts. You can rely on him to explore every possible option for your defense and ensure that no illegal evidence is used against you.

First-Time Offender? Attorney Fell Can Get You into Drug Diversion

Attorney Fell is well known for his expertise in creative sentencing. If you have a clean criminal record but have recently made one drug-related mistake, it is highly likely that Attorney Fell can get you into a drug diversion program. These programs are very beneficial to college students because:

  • they keep you out of jail so you can stay in school
  • they include drug treatment so you can conquer any addiction issues
  • successful completion of the diversion program will result in a dismissal of charges, so you do not have to worry about a drug conviction affecting your future career.

Even if you do not qualify for a drug diversion program, Attorney Fell may be able to secure some other type of deal for you.

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