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Because perjury is a serious crime, you deserve a serious defense attorney like Michael L. Fell.

It is impossible to dispense true justice based on false statements. That’s one reason why the crime of perjury—aka lying under oath—is an automatic felony under California law.

If officials believe you deliberately provided false information in any of the following circumstances, you could face charges for perjury:

  • While testifying in court
  • During a deposition
  • In a signed affidavit, declaration, or certificate
  • In a DMV driver’s license application

Don’t Risk Punishment for an Innocent Mistake

Because it may be quite difficult to tell when a person is deliberately providing false information—as opposed to just making a simple mistake—innocent people do get accused of perjury. If this happens to you, don’t panic.

All you need to do is call Michael L. Fell and have him represent you as your perjury defense attorney.

How Attorney Fell Can Help

As a former prosecutor himself, Attorney Fell knows firsthand how difficult perjury charges are to prove, and he can use this knowledge to your benefit, challenging the prosecution’s evidence at every turn.

Some possible defense arguments he may employ include:

  • The information you provided cannot actually be proven to be false
  • You did not realize the information you provided was false
  • You misunderstood the question
  • The false statement you allegedly made related to a minor issue and was not really relevant to the issue at hand
  • You were not technically under oath when you made the statement

Because he knows local prosecutors and interacts with them often, there are likely to be open channels of communication between Attorney Fell and the prosecutor handling your case. This can result in an even speedier resolution of the case if Attorney Fell is able to reach out to the prosecutor and convince them to drop the case against you due to insufficient evidence.

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